My wine career began in 1989 at Roseworthy Agricultural College in Australia, where I was studying for a post-graduate degree in wine science. After back-packing around the world for three years it was time to get a serious job. Armed with my Bachelor of Science degree the course at Roseworthy gave me the chance to learn more about my favourite subject, yeast. Their ability to create wine (beer, bread) at the same time creating an environment that eventually kills it has a poignancy about it. The love an appreciation of wine followed, and I am grateful to have found a career I feel so passionate about.

Having made many wine styles from various areas here in New Zealand and overseas, I decided to focus on those regions where I most enjoyed the fruit. Simple in concept, nightmare in logistics. But it pays off. Consequently I take whites from Marlborough, Central Otago and Waipara and my Pinot Noir is 100 percent Central Otago. This gives me a fabulous canvas to create with.

I have enjoyed great success throughout my career, winning an extensive array of medals and trophies, however my motivation is my ever evolving winemaking style and understanding. I now primarily rely on the winery’s natural population of yeast and its creation of wines with greater tactile elements. These wild yeast bring a textural quality to wine that has become paramount to the style of wines I wish to make.

I hope you enjoy my wines, which I feel are essentially an extension of myself.

Some of Michelle’s winemaking achievements

Royal Easter show “Winemaker of the Year” 1997, 1998, 2001, 2002
Winestate Magazine “New Zealand Winemaker of the Year” 1999, 2000
International Wine Challenge (IWC) UK “White Winemaker of the Year” 2001

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